Christian weddings

Christian Wedding Ceremony

In Christianity, marriages are considered the union between man and woman predestined by God. The sanctity of the institution can be made clear from Jesus message, which lays down that wedding is a relationship, a union so real and intimate that 'the two become one flesh'. The Christian wedding rituals are conducted in church, amidst all friends and family members.

On the wedding day, after bride arrives at the church, the best man of the groom welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers. Then the couple walks down the corridor gracefully to reach the altar. There the priest awaits them and offers them best wishes. He then reads psalms from the Holy Bible, which is followed by sermon called Homily on the sacredness of the wedding. Following this, he asks question to the bride and the groom regarding their consent for the marriage.

The couple makes promises to stay with each other through thick and thin and exchange rings. These rings are blessed by the priest first, to instill love and faith between the two. The Christian wedding is followed by a Reception, which is a celebration party.