Gujarati weddings

Gujarati Wedding Ceremony

The Gujarati community reflects unparalleled enthusiasm in the affairs of matrimonial alliance. Their weddings are planned on a grand scale and their rituals are very colorful. It is important to note that like all Indian communities, there may be a slight differentiation in matrimonial and rituals performed in various Gujarati sects like the Gujarati Patels and Gujarati Naagar Brahmins. However, the difference is negligible.

It is interesting to note that unlike most Indian communities where dowry plays a vital role, the Gujaratis have proved to be quite progressive. In case of the Naagar Brahmins, their girls are often married off with no expectations of wealth from the in-laws side. This is called kanku-kanya, meaning that the bride is welcome only with a vermilion mark on her forehead.

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